Verander Sehwag – First icon player

Great start in an adventurous year! Vijay Singh (VJ Sports) and Akhilesh Bahuguna (Allspheres Entertainment) proudly present the first icon player of the St. Moritz Ice Cricket: Virender Sehwag.

The legendary Indian opener is one of the game’s most explosive batsmen and we hope he will smash the Swiss Alps. Viru never thought that one day he would be playing cricket on top of the world…on ice and snow, especially since he is used to playing cricket in the blazing sun in India and the southern hemisphere.

Viru is the first to take up this challenge, as if the World Cup was not hard enough…’let’s do it on ice’! Viru is keen to become the first record holder and Trophy Winner of St. Moritz Ice Cricket! Who will bowl against Viru? Who will be part of his team? Only time will tell. We will be signing more players soon!