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St. Moritz Ice Cricket

St. Moritz Ice Cricket is a passion project, made real in the ice and snow of the famous St. Moritz. There is only direction and it is forward, to grow into a recognizable winter sports, entertainment and charity event of its own, attracting the best cricket players from around the world.

Vj Sports

VJ Sports

VJ Sports, based in Zurich (Switzerland), is a sports agency and headed by its CEO Vijay Singh. Closely bound with the Swiss mountains and the peaks of St. Moritz, a sport enthusiast and follower of the Indian cricket team, Vijay’s great passion will bring you a unique twist on cricket! His goal is to bring the entire cricket world to St. Moritz – “Top of the World”.

Allspheres Entertainment

Allspheres Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., based in New Delhi (India), is an integrated marketing, communications and production company specializing in live communication and event production. The agency represents VJ Sports and markets St. Moritz Ice Cricket in India. Its CEO, Akhilesh Bahuguna, origins from Nainital, a popular Indian hill station. As an experienced event producer and familiar with hills, lake and snow, Akhilesh is the dynamic face of St. Moritz Ice Cricket in India.

All Spheres


Mr. Hans Wiedemann: Managing Director and Delegate of the Board of the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel St. Moritz and a huge fan of Australian cricket.

Mr. Rolf Sachs: Accomplished artist from the distinguished Sachs family and overt cricket fan.

Mrs. Christa Zwicky: Owner of Isanas AG and and experienced organizer, responsible for several very successful, august balls.

Mr. Syed Irfan Makhdoom Nayyar: a former Pakistani diplomat working as a senior professional in WTO/OMC, Geneva, a cricket lover/player and former President of the Cricket Swiss. He is also Vice-President of Geneva Cricket Club (established in 1872 – the oldest cricket club in Switzerland). Mr. Nayyar has been actively involved in organizing the event since the ideas was born.